Behave Responsibly!


Nothing is perfect in the World, Nothing  is perfect in County Wexford even if it might look like in our pictures and videos but it’s not perfect!

Here are some general tips below! Behave Responsibly!

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Double Check!

Be-aware, things changing all the time so what was once great, might be not great any more and / or vice versa! Nothing stays the same way forever! Lot’s of things could have change! Everything always, well mostly looks better in photos and / or videos as it’s shot in the best light, edited and enhanced!

Always double check everything with at least 2 or 3 sources, do not count only on 1 source.

Do more research! Google and / or the wife doesn’t always know everything!

Remember, Wexford Tips blogs & vlogs is not the official County Wexford website or professional guide. We do not supply any professional advice! You should always get the official or professional information, advice and / or guide.

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All pictures / videos have been taken mostly during nice hot weather with plenty of sunshine. Remember Ireland is not Spain, the weather could be very wet even though the weather in County Wexford is the driest compared to the Counties in the West or North of Ireland.

Sometimes it rains so badly that bringing along with you a couple of umbrellas or rain coats could save you the headache!

Bad weather can destroy your experience! Always check the weather ahead!

You should stay indoors during the extreme weather and conditions!

– – – – –

No Swimming!

If there is a sign No Swimming you should respect it and you should not swim over there as you could put your live at risk. Even if there is no sign No Swimming, you should always ask the local authorities if it’s not dangerous to have a swim in the location.

Always remember, swimming in the open sea or some lakes and ponds is dangerous and you could put your live at risk!

– – – – –

Low Tide & High Tide!

Some Parts Might Be Accessible At Low Tide Only! Beware Of Getting Caught By Rising Tide as you could put your live at risk! Coastal tidal ranges vary and can differ anywhere from near 0 to over 11 meters. Be careful where you park your car, it can get flooded during the high tide! You should always ask the local authority or the local people if it’s not dangerous to visit the location.

Be careful where you park your car, leave your stuff or relax yourself/ves as it can get flooded during high tide!

– – – – –

GPS, Coordinates & Advice!

Never rely 100% on your GPS , Coordinates or any Advice given! It only helps you to get you around or tells you where the place roughly is. Use your common sense.

– – – – –

Maps On

We use Open street maps which are embed into our website. The pointer on our Open street maps shows the starting or the entrance point. Sometimes  the pointer shows the location, there might be in the way to the point dangerous things & the way condition might have changed. Use the maps with care and always use the official pathway.

– – – – –

Dangerous Cliffs, Landslide Rocks & so on!

Some cliffs might be dangerous! Do not walk or drive nearby or to the edge, as you could put your live at risk by falling down, landslide or other! Do not go or drive nearby the cliffs, as you could put your live at risk by falling rocks, landslide or other!

– – – – –

Dangerous Woods & so on!

Some woods might be dangerous! Do not go or drive to the woods during wind and / or storms, as you could put your live at risk by falling down trees, landslide or other!

– – – – –

No Entry / Trespassing

If there is a sign No Entry / Trespassing  you should respect it and you should not enter the area.

You should always use the official path, whenever available!

– – – – –

Kids / Others

Always supervise your kid / kids / Others. Sometimes your kid / kids / Others can be only a second from a disaster!

– – – – –

Leave only your footprints!

Please leave only your footprints, do not throw your rubbish around, bin it!

Keep County Wexford Tidy!

– – – – –

Visiting County Wexford, You should always hire a professional guide for better experience!

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Don’t Try!

Please Do Not Try Any Dangerous Things that We Do or what you See in Our Videos, Photos or Read in our Posts! You know; Do Not Try at Home or, should I say in Wexford!

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Please Behave Responsibly!

Wexford Tips blogs & vlogs is for general & entertainment purposes only!

Use Wexford Tips at your own risk!

Wexford Tips is not responsible for your action!

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No offence should be taken due to interpretation or misinterpretation or mistakes in grammar of Wexford Tips blog & vlog content. We are foreigners. Please, forgive us.

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This content is for general information purposes only and does not form official or professional advice.