Hi there, so you wanna know more about Wexford Tips?????? Ok, Wexford Tips is kind of County Wexford Travel & Lifestyle blogs & vlogs by Stan & my …..!?!?!? My, our goal is what Wexford Tips slogan says ” Bringing Wexford Closer To You “.

Wexford Tips started as non-commercial hobby blog project by Stan Prucha & at the end of October 2017 Wexford Tips turned into commercial project, following the same values as before. Wexford Tips is still owned & operated by Stan Prucha ( stanprucha.com ). Wexford Tips content, advertisement & other is sold through Stan Prucha‘s site stanprucha.com Only!

Wexford Tips shows mostly the positive image / side of County Wexford but as you know Nothing is perfect in the World, Nothing  is perfect in County Wexford even if it might look like in our pictures and videos but it’s not perfect! Wexford Tips is not here to show or criticize the bad things in County Wexford, talk about crime or politics or other topics, we are going to leave those topics for the newspapers or other media, Wexford Tips want to show the good & positive things in County Wexford. 

Wexford Tips is going to bring you much more County Wexford coverage and stories in upcoming years as we are slowly becoming one of the mainstream media representing County Wexford on-line.

No offence should be taken due to interpretation or misinterpretation or mistakes in grammar of  Wexford Tips blogs & vlogs content. We are foreigners. Please, forgive us.

Thanks For Reading, See You Around

Wexford Tips – Stan & …….

Ohhhh, come and say hello if you bump into me or us 😉